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Meet Dr. Michael Feld

Dr. Feld’s Chiropractic Journey

Sparta Chiropractor Dr. Michael Feld

Dr. Michael Feld

Dr. Feld has been surrounded by chiropractic his entire life: his grandfather and his father owned a chiropractic supply company together. Then he met his wife Amy in high school and her father happened to be a chiropractor who knew Dr. Feld’s father!

After meeting his future wife’s father, Dr. Feld began to think seriously about becoming a chiropractor himself.

My father-in-law was a very big influence in my life. He really directed me into chiropractic and was a fantastic chiropractor himself. Dr. Michael Feld

Dr. Feld would go on to graduate from Life College School of Chiropractic (now Life University). His father-in-law has been a part of Life since the founding of the college. Dr. Feld joined his father-in-law’s successful practice in Rockaway. After his passing, Dr. Feld continued the practice and feels honored to have learned from him and have had him as his mentor.

Beginning a New Practice at Home

Now opening a second practice, Chiropractic Health Clinic of Sparta, Dr. Feld is excited to serve the community he has lived in and raised his family in since 2002. Dr. Feld hopes his passion for chiropractic is just as contagious and enlightening for the people of Sparta as his father-in-law’s practice was in Rockaway.

Dr. Feld finds it gratifying to serve his community: “I have been a chiropractor for 20 plus years. I love having the opportunity every day to bring individuals and families to optimal health in the most natural way possible. My passion for chiropractic has led others to become chiropractors, including my son who is currently studying to become a chiropractor!”

The Natural Way For Families

The natural aspect of chiropractic was what appealed to Dr. Feld most. He likes the fact that people of all ages can be restored to health and wellness and be rid of pain using nothing more than his hands to remove subluxations.

Dr. Feld has raised his family in the chiropractic philosophy since the very beginning; he and his wife had their first child while Dr. Feld was in chiropractic college. When their son was still an infant, Dr. Feld was at a pediatric chiropractic conference, and the audience was asked for any volunteers to be adjusted. Dr. Feld brought his son up and he was adjusted before a thousand of his colleagues. “It was an amazing experience. It was phenomenal!”

Outside the Office

When he’s not practicing, Dr. Feld enjoys boating and playing instruments. His favorite charity is Disabled American Veterans.

Today, Dr. Feld and his partners look forward to providing the same amazing experience to the families of Sparta. Chiropractic Health Clinic of Sparta’s goal is to help your family blossom in total health and happiness — the natural way!

Give us a call today to schedule an appointment for you and your family or to find out more information about raising your family the natural way.


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