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What to Expect

From the moment you walk into our practice, you’ll feel at home! We are located in an older style home that has been converted into an office with a warm, homey feel. We have light music playing and friendly staff to welcome you into your first chiropractic appointment.

New Patient Forms

Please download, print, and complete these forms so you can bring them with you to your first visit:

New Patient Paperwork

Get Adjusted on First Visit

We have a one visit new patient process, which means after a thorough consultation and examination we adjust you on the first visit. So you start feeling better and healthier from day one of your chiropractic journey!

Our goal during the consultation and examination is to find the root of the problem. We know pain always leads back to subluxation; the goal during our consultation and thorough examination is to find where the subluxations are, and for the chiropractor to determine the best method to remove them. The first visit takes approximately 30-45 minutes.

When you return for your second visit, we’ll want to know how the first adjustment suited you and check your alignment. Then we do a formal report of findings and create a care plan for your future visits. Once you are properly aligned, you can move onto the next phase: maintenance.



Embracing the Chiropractic Lifestyle

It is our hope that the families of our patient community will embrace the chiropractic lifestyle along with us. Chiropractic isn’t just about getting out of pain; it’s not just about removing nerve interference when it hurts. It’s about consistently being free of nerve interference in order to feel your best and maintain optimal health for as long as you live!

When you start eating healthy, most people try to maintain healthy eating. When you begin exercising and get in shape, you want to maintain that fitness level. When you start going to the dentist to get your teeth cleaned, you want to maintain your oral health. When you begin coming to Chiropractic Health Clinic of Sparta, we want to restore optimal health.

Chiropractic Education for All

Patient education centers around gaining a full understanding of subluxations. During your consultation and report of findings, our doctors will discuss with you the specifics of your subluxation(s) and what they do to fix them.

The outline of each talk goes as follows:

  • Understanding what chiropractic is
  • How chiropractic works
  • The different ways in which chiropractors can provide care
  • What to expect from the chiropractors in our office


Subluxation Basics

The nervous system and brain are formed before the bones. The 24 vertebrae of the spine then grow around the spinal cord, the superhighway of the nervous system. The vertebrae are incredible in design in that they offer both flexibility and support/protection of the spinal cord.

When one of the spinal bones moves in or out of positions due to a stressor, it can clamp a nerve root, choking off the flow of information from the brain to the tissues. This is a subluxation.

Stressors that cause subluxations can be due to physical, chemical or emotional stress in the body. The only thing we, as chiropractors, do is remove subluxations to restore health and wellness inside the body; we allow your body to communicate with itself to unleash its innate healing powers.

Now that you know a little about what’s keeping you from optimal health, give us a call (if you haven’t already!) to schedule an appointment with one of our outstanding chiropractors.


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