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New Patient Reviews:

  • I felt comfortable the minute I walked in and left feeling better than when I got there. I realize I still have a long way to go but I’m very happy I found this team to help me.

    - Michael A.
  • Everyone was very friendly, professional, and knowledgeable!

    - Barbara D.
  • Very friendly and welcoming staff!

    - Carolyn S.
  • The staff is great and very flexible with my varying schedule.

    - Hector DC.
  • Great office, great people, and great doctor.

    - John M.
  • I enjoyed Dr. Feld’s humor as this was my first experience at a chiropractor and he alleviated my nervousness!

    - Danielle M.
  • Dr John has our whole family’s trust!!

    - Steven H.
  • Highly recommend!!

    - Susan C.
  • Very positive experience. Everyone was very kind and personable.

    - Mary Z.
  • Dr. Feld made me feel so comfortable and his loving and jolly personality is a breath of fresh air. Looking forward to my journey with him!

    - Lindsay D.
  • Excellent customer service and great experience!

    - Allison R.
  • Thank you!

    - Sara S.
  • I had a great experience and would recommend a friend to this office for same experience.

    - Edward C.
  • Dr. Kathy is not only an expert practitioner, she is amazingly personable when explaining the mechanics and objectives of the therapy.

    - Jason P.
  • Dr. Feld is an attentive listener and his staff is helpful and pleasant. The atmosphere is relaxed.

    - Joseph D.
  • I really enjoyed my first visit! Dr. Blake really listened to my symptoms and I could not be more confident in her plan. I already booked the next two appointments! Thanks! 

    - Rory K.
  • This was by far the best, most fun doctors appt I have ever gone to. Thank you for making me laugh and for listening so well. What a fun office and I got a great adjustment. Thanks for caring so much.

    - Susan H.
  • All around a great visit, thank you!

    - Brian M.
  • Great staff and a positive and upbeat environment

    - Rebecca L.
  • Excellent first experience. I will definitely be back!

    - Victor N.
  • The staff is extremely friendly and courteous. I will be visiting regularly.

    - Maria M.
  • We are so happy with your practice!! Everyone is so kind!

    - Alexandra B.
  • All the doctors and staff are wonderful.

    - Lisa G.
  • The atmosphere was very warm and welcoming the secretary was very efficient and friendly I was pleasantly surprised by the doctor being able to make me feel so relaxed to the point actually trusting him I have been receiving chiropractic care for over thirty years and can give give my new chiropractor Dr Fields five stars for an incredible adjustment and I now have something to look forward to besides the year 2021 , thank you and have a great new year.

    - Edward C.
  • It was my very first adjustment in my life and I was a little bit on the nervous side. Thank goodness for Sarah at the desk and especially Dr.Feld! He made me feel comfortable and heard. I’m beyond impressed with my experience and cannot wait to go back next week! Thank you both!!

    - McKenzie P.
  • My first visit/experience with Dr. Feld and Office Manager, Sara were excellent. I believe if Dr. Feld can help relieve my pain, I am confident he will. Equally, I believe if my needs are beyond Dr. Feld’s scope of practice, he will refer me to the appropriate doctor to obtain the care my condition warrants.

    - Susan Q.
  • My daughter went in with so many aches and pains in her back and Dr John adjusted her and she feels great now. Dr John and his staff is very friendly.

    - Hailee S.
  • Love the office staff, doctor and energy. We found our place for sure! I will highly recommend this office and doctor.

    - Robert C.

Wonderful Positive Attitude

The first point of contact was the assistant who was handling the entering administrative work. She was such a precious experience. It’s never what you say but the way you say it. You can say the most simple stuff and make someone feel like they are in a wonderful place. She had that wonderful positive attitude that nobody would feel insecure or bad in her company. The doctor was pretty much the same. Very human and wise of explaining stuff that anyone would understand.

-Michal K

I Walked Out Smiling Feeling So Much Better

I was in so much pain I went to my doctor and he couldn’t help me but give me pills. He told me to try the hospital they had therapy. They couldn’t fit me in. The receptionist at his office Eileen a patient of yours said she would call her doctor and your receptionist said I can come right in. I could hardly move, I was taken right in. Everyone was so nice and I walked out smiling feeling so much better. Thank you so much for fitting me and making me better I just love Dr Blake!

-Margaret K.

Above and Beyond What is Required

Dr. Felds and staff are highly recommended. Dr. Felds pinpointed my diagnosis tight away and explained clearly what was needed in order to help me feel better. The staff also goes above and beyond what is required of them.

-Lisa G.

Highly recommend!

Highly recommend! From the initial phone call that was answered by a friendly, helpful staff person, to the doctor literally drawing out pictures on the whiteboard of my back to illustrate and teach me about the alignment of it, the entire experience was wonderful. The next day the doctor even called to see how I was feeling. You can’t ask for anything more.

-Margaret V.

The Best and Most Fun

This was by far the best, most fun doctor’s appointment I have ever gone to. Thank you for making me laugh and for listening so well. What a fun office and I got a great adjustment. Thanks for caring so much.

-Susan H.

He listens and educates

So far so good. Dr. Feld is very upbeat. He listens and educates. I look forward to restoring my health with him.

-Nancy S.

Helped Tremendously!

Both Dr. Feld and Dr. Willix are very well versed in this profession and I will refer anyone and everyone to their practice, it has helped me tremendously! Thank you to both.

– Patrick D.

Outstanding Chiropractors

Dr. John & Dr. Blake are exceptionally outstanding chiropractors. Also phenomenal people, they love what they do and it shows! More than glad to know I’m in the best of hands!

-Cristhian C.

Tops In My Book!

Dr. Willix is an excellent listener and practitioner. He asks questions and addresses issues that I have never had tended to before. I have had mild acid reflux my entire life and with one simple poke (my term), he fixed it! In a very few visits he has also helped make quick improvements to other back, shoulder, arm and hip issues I have been struggling with. I believe he is sincere in his desire to help others in all areas, physical, spiritual, emotional and social. Dr. Willix is tops in my book!

– Marion C.